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Press Release from Herbert Woods


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Hi HW, Very good news indeed. The marketing aspect of the deal I would imagine is very valueble to both parties, giving yourselfs world coverage and Le Boat still a Norfolk Broads presence. Puts an end to the rumours about LeBoat's operation, which have been going around all season as well.





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Though i think this is excellent news to hear of another yard investing more in to their Broads operation, i still think that these boats would be better based on the southern Broads, and would give HW  customers more cruising choice, especially where short breaks are concerned. With hire boats getting bigger and bigger, public mooring space is getting less and less. The northern rivers are getting pretty crowded, with some people claiming to have arrived at popular locations as early as 11am, and finding all the moorings full already. Having a second base on the southern rivers would help to reduce the impact of these extra boats, as well as help to support local buisness on the southern broads, such as pubs and shops etc. Just a thought?.



Regards to all ................... Neil.

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I agree this is good news for Herbert Woods. Although these designs have been around for 20 years they still look and feel newer than that. Some of the Woods fleet is a little elderly so this gives them a great opportunity to sell off the older stuff without reducing the overall size of the fleet. I'm intrigued as to why so many 'Light' names have been chosen for the new boats - there are only 2 new designs (admittedly with a very slight variation in layouts I think).


I agree that more choice on the south Broads would be ideal but in reality there is little incentive for the North Broads operators to substantially increase their costs by acquiring and running an additional base. In fact these new boats are great for hiring on the North Broads as they have a low air draft due to initially being based above Wroxham Bridge. If you must moor at hot spots in high season yes you have to get there in good time (not 11am though) but in reality I've found even in August there's plenty of choice right up to early evening. We moored at Thurne on August Bank Holiday monday and it was no more than two thirds full when it got dark.

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Unless I've misunderstood, these are not extra boats but replacement for existing boats therefor the impact on the northern rivers and mooring should be zero.


In fact as they are replacements for existing HW boats, but are dropping out of the Le Boat fleet then there could even be less boats on the Northern rivers.

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Does this mean that this will be Le Boat's only offering (of a sort) on the Broads and all though good news for 'Woods is basically perhaps not so good overall as Woods are losing some of their more tired stuff & replacing but the loss of Le Boat means a reduced hire offering overall, and perhaps not good news for those employed by Le Boat in Norfolk (once again)?


I guess it is good in the sense that the standard of presentation of these craft has dropped noticeably in the last seven or eight years from amongst the most respected to the wrong side of mediocrity (and disappointing value for money as a result compared to competitors) and they have looked a little un-cared for, and very poor from not that long back (say, 2005 or so).


Hopefully Herbert Woods will be turning then out to a nice standard of external presentation again.  I agree they are well built boats with great layouts, few compromises (even the side door offers some benefits to their layouts on these ones) and are ideal Broads boats - good to see them staying on hire.


I, like Simon was a bit surprised by the mass of boat names planned to market boats with just 3 different layouts.  I could imagine some maybe being pet/not pet friendly, so it will be interesting to see what all the other name derivatives are required for.  I guess there must be differences intended as otherwise availability & reservation searches would be compromised/confused.



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from what iv seen of these boats this season a polish and a like of paint on some should sort out the cosmetics. For me le boat signed there own death warrent as far as letting these boats goes.. totally overpriced IMHO and its the same on the boats they offer on the Thames. Quite shocking when you realise who actually owns the business. lets which h/w all the best with these boats. as for the yard at Horning I'm sure the Richos family have a plan b !!! I'd love to see it set up as there platinum fleet yard I personally feel it would give there huge investment in new boats that final touch.. I'm sure Clive will shoot that one to bits ;)

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Thank you for all your kind wishes. Just to confirm Le Boat are leaving the Broads and we are currently in discussion with a number of their staff about opportunities at HW. 


In reference to the number of Light names it is nothing more than a marketing tactic. Few boats with different names, let better than than many boats with one name. This was something we found when we took over Herbert Woods and as such have limited the number of cruisers in each class to three.The only science I can put to this is that it creates an illusion of scarcity which then in turn increases demand. As Dan mentioned some of the cruisers will be non pet and within the Emperor class there are three different cabin layouts which will also be highlighted by the different names. 

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. as for the yard at Horning I'm sure the Richos family have a plan b !!! I'd love to see it set up as there platinum fleet yard I personally feel it would give there huge investment in new boats that final touch.. I'm sure Clive will shoot that one to bits ;)

We are still on plan A ;)

As I have said previously, our cheapest boats book well and the most expensive seem to not need promoting (at the mo')  also we have Acle and both sites in stalham to gradually fill with new boats before we open another base. we have a short term plan for Horning and the longer term version.

There are a few people on here who know what we are doing and what we have been doing over the last year or so and we will announce plans soon enough.

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Hi Jeff,

Sorry, it will be a Private marina, We may open some space in Horning in a different location for our hireboats to moor but it will not be from a hire yard,

we will have the buildings with 12 moorings back at the end of November and the remaining moorings  back by April.

All the 'New' moorings will be fully serviced and will have finger jetties, the remainder of the quays will be refurbished over the next year or two.

All marina facilities will be available.

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the original toilets and showers in reception will be refurbished and we hope to have a  lounge of some sort available to the  private moorers , there will also be a few other things introduced over the next year or two but in the mean time it will benefit from.


Loads of room for turning boats,

access to your boat by car,

best location on the Broads.

easy road access.

Full boatyard facilities..

loads of  level parking / hard standing

Good access (whatever the tide) 


Sorry No Hire craft  in basin.


Syndicate boats allowed if the owners can drive the boat and pay for a mooring :naughty:


This has turned into a bit of a fred drift / Hijack,  We best start a new thread if you want to quiz me any more, I hope to be spending most of next summer down there,  and  am really excited as I will be  out of sight and able to get away with focusing on my toys a bit, just don't tell anyone :River Police  :River Police

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Does that suggest that there might be a visitor mooring for private owners?






I said new thread! :norty:

we will not encourage any visiting craft to the private marina unless the lift facilities are required..

We hope to have a day boat operation from the old Compass Craft side, this will accommodate visitors from both hire and private boats.

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