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Moonfleet & horizon craft 2015


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What were those immortal words when Richos were taking over Moonfleet  -   oh nothing will change!!!!         Long way to go for a pump out from Stalham.


I have just searched Hoseasons for May 2015 and they are still agents for Bridge Craft at Acle according to the Hoseasons site , they are taking the bookings.


I cannot see anything about Moonfleet moving their base.

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This will be interesting to see how this pans out.


If true, then I am not sure how all of Moonfleet could fit down at Acle and Horizon Craft still have all their current fleet. 


Despite being part of Richardson’s, Horizon Craft is run at a very ‘arms length’ arrangement and they do a fabulous job – they have however not had as much of a sprinkling of new boats as Stalham has in recent years.


It could well make sense to remove Horizon Craft from Hoseasons and make that ‘ams length’ arrangement to the ‘HQ’ at Stalham even more so.


Perhaps what will happen is Moonfleet’s boats will head down to Acle, some of Acle’s older boats boats move up to Richardson’s main yard at Stalham and Moodfleet’s yard becomes private moorings and concentrates on the private engineering side for Richardson’s.


Time will tell.

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I'd forgotten Far Horizon, probably because I'd never hire a boat that doesn't go under Ludham. The Ant just can't be missed, even on a short break.

I remember Clive saying once before the Acle staff do have to watch windage which might limit what can be based there.

I hope the Moonfleet base can still be used for overnight moorings next year. Its a really good place to stop being quiet and yet very convenient for the town. The public staithe nearby only has room for 2 or 3 boats.

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In the days of Alan Johnson boats at Acle, it was good fun on windy days there.They used extra long ropes to put their boats pointing out onto the river on a saturday.The pump out mooring was next to the bridge, great fun...not, if bloowin a hooly.


cheers Iain.

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Hi All.

I just saw this thread as I have been away,  I think most of the confusion has been sorted out but just to clarify...

we are still with Hoseasons on all sites.. the Moonfleet boats have gone to Acle as the hirefleet operation was not viable due to having 2 yards so close, we are now able to concentrate on the private work and service, the pump out and fuel will still be available as will the houseboats and day boats.

some of the acle boats will come to Stalham (not all)

we are selling roughly 13 boats this winter.

we are allowing pets on some of the Platinum fleet at Stalham.

Horning will continue as a Service centre, we are digging a 28 berth serviced marina on the 'Compass Craft' site over Christmas. the existing marina will have the walkways and finger jetties in place for next season.

We are still the best.

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Thanks for the update Clive.


My one comment is that if I had spent in the region of 250K on a boat I would not be keen on the idea of allowing any Tom, Dick or Harry to bring their dog or dogs on board. Apart from the possible mess or damage the next hirer may have an allergy to dogs or even worse may find that they have some "non-paying guests" on board. 


Sorry, but I'm afraid I don't like the idea of someone taking 2 or 3 dogs into such a confined space.


I know that I will upset some people by saying that but we are all entitled to our own views.

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Interesting point Jeff ,I think the keeping boats clean is something most yards as a whole have taken into account when either re-fitting or new build - very easy clean wood effect flooring we found was a big plus for us after walking up and down muddy banks which cant be helped after a spot of bad weather - certainly much better than carpets in terms of being clean and holding smells



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Clive does say "some of the platinum fleet. I assumed that people with allergies etc would have the option to hire one that never allowed dogs on board. I think it is an excellent idea, not that my dog would ever come with us. He is bad enough in the car. 5 miles and it is a major clean up job. By moving some of the Platinum boats to Acle people can avaid the rush, especially if they are intending to go south.

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fear ye not,  Moonfleet had always allowed pets on board whereas we had not allowed them on the platinum fleet...

we will have 8 Broadsmans it will only be Broadsman 1 and 2 which will be pet friendly, the boats have no corners for dirt to get in or carpets on walls or in cupboards etc so if you don't have pets you will also be fine

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Clive for the benefit of future customers (myself included ) do you charge a extra cleaning fee for our four legged friends - I notice some yards charge an extra small charge up to £35 to cover additional cleaning which doesn't seem unreasonable to me ?




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