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Broad Ambition - Underway on the H2O

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Mon 29th Dec, - Sees mysen and LondonRascal onboard.


By the time pre-sailing checks / preps are done its approaching 1700.  Therefore at this time of year it will be well past dusk.

Still it is not too cold and there is no evidence of any river ice present.  The Beta fires straight up, no cranking or hesitation whatsoever


We sail at around 1630-ish.  First time onboard since the 'Lads Week' back in October and we're straight into a night nav - there is moonlight on offer which we gratefully accept.


Our destination this evening will be downriver of Ludham Bridge at LBBy.  Our only concern (Apart from actually seeing where 'B.A' is taking us) is the available airdraft at Ludham Bridge.  The mast will have to be lowered - that is always a given seeing as is stands at 11ft, but its the windscreen / canopy / sash-sides, I need 7ft 7" to avoid the bother of dropping that lot in the cold / dark.  The first bridge indicator is showiing 7ft 9" - Good enough, we are through and safely moored stern to stern with 'River Song'


Now this is the first time I have had the pleasure of going onboard 'River Song' (As it was myself and Robin were treated to dinner onboard that evening)  'River Song' is a 'Renaissance  35' or as I'll refer to her 'Top class posh tupperware'  -  She is very top class and proper posh too - what a fantastic comfortable lovely boat.  A credit to the crew, and on past evidence this crew will only improve upon her - if that's at all possible


Anyroadup, a very pleaeant evening spent onboard 'R.S'  'B.A's Mikuni had been running flat out since we boarded late afternoon and would remain so overnight.  She needed warming and airing through. Although she spends her time in a wet-shed, there is still plenty of airboarne humidity and damp in evidence this time of year.  By 2359-ish it was lights out




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Oh no, they are bad but over time you learn to deal with them and be alert to not fall foul of some of the more common ones...


'What's that behind you?' 'oh it's your ar**' or the infamous 'you've spilt something on your top there' (only of course you have not).


In all seriousness it was a pleasure to be on the water at this time of year, onboard a lovely boat with good company.  The only fretful part to the short trip was that of the ice - I'll leave Griff to elaborate but whatever the weather being on the Broads is great and seeing how the scenery changes through the season means familiar parts always seem to look slightly different.

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OY!  -  I've got feelings you know! two guns



Tuesday morning dawned (at dawn).  I was up for around 0800 - what a very cold night and a proper thick frost too.  but also a typical Broads winters morning.  Not a single cloud in evidence, bright blue huge skies.  But that frost as you can see from the pics was a hard one.  It confirmed that the insulation onboard 'B.A' is up to the mark, the Mikuni was on flat out all night long, no evidence of melting anwhere on the fwd or aft coach house roofs.  I had a wander round to the dyke by the disused pumping station at Jason's - yes river ice in evidence but none on the river itself.


'B.A' was proper damp in the wheelhouse canopy on the inside with frost on the outside (That is the normal way round you know!) proof that 'B.A' was drying out nicely but it took a while to get rid of the condensation, I blame Robin and his heavy breathing. .  The upper scupper - copious amount of fresh hot water did the trick and got the decks safe to walk on, and the berthing lines defrosted enough to make them pliable once more.


B'fast was consumed along with steaming mugs of whiskey with a small splash of tea or Rum and a dash of coffee whilst alongside then we sailed for Potter Heigham - still not a breath of wind and mirror flat rivers










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Thank you for posting the lovely picture JM. I think some of you have been a little unkind, a very handsome man in my opinion......now what was the name of the beautiful restored woody I believe Griff owns and to which I would  give an arm and a leg to cruise on? and also may I ask have we a kiss bottom smiley? well you can't blame a girl for trying  :naughty:



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  :clap  cheersbar  :lol:


Grace - Yes you are very trying!  :kiss


And as for a cruise/trip onboard 'B.A' - one only has to ask


Oh and thanks for 'that' pic JM (Insert raspberry blowing smiley  -  Here  - )


Here is what happens to the Griffmeister dish normally when afloat





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