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A few food ideas for Christmas


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Today I have done pickled onions,

I got my onions from Morrisons £1.00 a bag should be enough for a jar

Peel and salt leave overnight turn the onions every once in a while rinse off salt and drain

wash jars and place in oven temp 100c for about 5 mins

I used pickling spice and mustard seeds

cover with vinegar and seal.In the past I have done onions with cloves of garlic

or chilli,or shallots.You can add white wine vinegar or cider vinegar.Keep one for the boat next year..


Mustard pickle

Silver skin onions,! large carrot peeled and chopped,1 cucumber peeled deseeded chopped,1 small cauliflower break into small pieces Keep them apart,salt leave overnight,rinse off and drain,cover veg with water vinegar mustard and turmeric and little sugar,bring to the boil thicken with a little cornflour ensure you don't over cook you want a crunch.Place in jars again keep one for the boat.

More to follow


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I have just bottled a batch of Christmas beer. Looking forward to it  but, if it is any good,  it will take great strength of character and determination for there to be any left by December 25th.

We have the whole family with us for Christmas, which includes a "picky" 5 year old with a limited tolerance for unusual dishes, a son-in-law who can't eat fish and a daughter who is a vegetarian.  Dreading it!




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Well TheQ we all know where to come for our pickles onions then.     I am assuming you pickled the lot.   Did you have a good cry.   They will certainly clear the sinuses if you have had them for that long.     My Nan used to bottle huge jars (like a demi john type ) and they stood very proudly in the scullery as she used to call it,    until Christmas each year.   Lovely with some good Cheddar.


Edited to say - you are a card MM

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I love cheddar from the genuine area around cheddar, I used to go and get some along with a gallon of the local scrumpy. a loaf of bread, it was a great addition to a weekend out walking and an improvement on compo ration packs.

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I do think sometimes the run up to Christmas can be extremely stressful, what with the gift and food shopping but once Christmas Eve has arrived, the kids have left out the mince pies and milk for Santa and his reindeer, then, tucked up in bed, the fire going, Christmas lights on and a glass of something nice, pat yourself on the back for all the hard work you put in and just enjoy it.


p.s Until the actual day of course, kids going mad, mother in law complaining that the Turkey is too dry but she's far too nice to tell her where to stick her drumstick and be glad when it's all over lol xmas6

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A few more food ideas give them a try:


Slow cooked belly pork on mustard pickle


Get your belly pork butcher or supermarket,ask them to cut to your size.Get them to take off the skin but keep.This you can salt and cook.

Now marinate the pork using cracked black pepper,honey soy sauce little fresh ginger and brown sugar a few bay leafs,rub into the meat and leave in the fridge overnight.Place in a oven try adding a little water and cook about 160 c for about two hours.Make a brine of salt and water,and leave to overnight.Check the pork it should be well cooked,but not fulling apart.Take the meat out of the tray,put into a clean dish and press,using a plate or tray,once cool leave in the fridge overnight.To Finnish the dish,cut meat into portions cooking a hot oven for about ten mins until nice and hot.Start your crackling,Take skin out of the brine if poss cook on a rack.Using my recipe for mustard pickle puree some reheat it,place in the middle of the plate,serve with creamy mash and braised red cabbage.


Confit duck:Fristly place your duck leg in a dish season with black pepper corns rock salt,two or three cloves of garlic,some rosemary.In the fridge over night to cook brush off salt placing duck in a tray adding pepper herbs and garlic,cover with foil and cook for about one hour,at 160c,check to see if soft if need be cook longer.Once done take out and let the meat rest.Serve with again mush cabbage and a sherry gravy.Tip once the oil is cool strain and into a airtight container keep in the fridge.Finnish duck in a hot oven until nice and brown.

These dishes may sound hard but they are not give it a try for Christmas.Your family may think you are a Chef.



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