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A11 Roadworks Update


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Well that's a few weeks of normal traffic then :default_norty:. It did look very finished when I was on it two weeks ago so I figured it would open soon.

The Thickthorn changes have been delayed and delayed, but it'll make such a difference when it's done. The traffic often queues back onto the A47 at busy times so keeping things flowing is important.

The southern bypass was opened in 1992 when the population of the Norwich area was a lot lower than it is now, so there are a few junctions that aren't quite up to current traffic levels. People criticise the Postwick Hub (probably because it's a mess) but it does prevent traffic queueing back on the A47 like it used to.

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The A11 has overnight closure at the moment.

The sign posting for the diversion is shockingly bad..

As you come off the A11 heading towards Norwich the only sign sends you back down the A11 for 2 miles and around the roundabout back to where you get diverted  back down the A11.

I ignored this and followed the sat nav, that takes you to a closed off Junction.

 I eventually found diversion signs. All in all it adds an extra half hour to the journey.

4 grandchildren are now onboard with the overflow ( boys )housed in the accommodation barge ( Shetland ) alongside.

I think we are going to need a bigger boat. 😇

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I got caught in an overnight closure diversion a few months ago.  They should mark the diversion signs with A11 north or south as the routes crossed.  I did at least 1 circuit and I saw a few others do the same!!

Driving the kids home today which is usually 3 hours each way but I won’t linger to avoid the night closure.

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The Highways Agency said the A11 works between the Tuttles and Spooner Row interchanges would open northbound on 22nd August and southbound 25th August, so slightly ahead of that. Meanwhile there are still some full overnight closures (8 pm to 6 am)

29/08, 07/09 to 11/09 and 14/09 to 15/09 the southbound carriageway from Thickthorn to Attleborough and

30/08 to 01/09 and 04/09 to 06/09 the northbound carriageway from Attleborough to Thickthorn.


It will be good if all the confusing diversion signs can be removed, sometimes you approach a roundabout and the signs point both first exit and third exit…😎

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3 hours ago, NeilB said:

Just cruising through Irstead now after my trip to Warwick and back, nice to get over 40mph.  On the A11, not through Irstead!!

I wonder why they did not replace the tarmac over one of the bridges though?

Special road closure and diversion  required for that:default_biggrin:

Kindest Regards Marge and Parge 


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