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Lads Week 2023


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Well travel day is upon me (Broad Ambition generally crews up at least partially the day before the rest as she has to cruise round to meet the others), as it was obvious that the car wouldnt be available before the trip up, I booked a train ticket for the trip to wroxham, this means that about half the stuff I normally take wont be going with me, I have managed to pack everything into one holdall type sports bag (with wheels thank goodness) though it did mean vacuum packing my sleeping bag and clothes to squish them into the space better - this doesnt make them any lighter. with the rest of the bits I need packed into a rucksack, what isnt packed will be worn.

in about an hour i will leave for the station, wheeling and carrying my bits for the 1 mile walk to the station, it says its a 20 minute walk, so I will allow more due to the luggage and breaks probably being required.

logistically being without the car hasnt changed a lot, other than luggage restraints, the trip will take about the same time as driving and the train fare (cheaper by taking a slightly later train), will come in about the same as fuel would have cost in the car.( £60 in total for both ways). I get the impression that Broad Ambition will primarily be crewed up by those travelling by rail this year. (with only our skipper having driven to Norfolk.

(the latest news on the car is that finally DHL have admitted they wrongly delivered it and that the part is now irretrievably lost, so at least we can move forward with alternative arrangements now.)

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2 hours ago, BroadAmbition said:

What you bringing a sleeping bag for?

I’ve instructed ‘B.A’s crew there is bedding onboard ready for you. !


I prefer the sleeping bag , I know exactly how to regulate my temperature in that.

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Well what a day, cruise from Ranworth to Loddon, witha pub break at Reedham ferry. This was where we came to the assistance of a yachtsman whose toddler had fallen and cut open her head, he came in and we grabbed the ropes and got him tied up, another lady jumped in with the first aid and called the ambulance. This duly arrived and carried the father and daughter to hospital , while the lady who knew the sailor took care of the boat until her husband could get there and take it back to its home mooring., while all this was going on, we looked after the lady's dog for her.

When we arrived at Loddon I took on the task of changing the shower fan, replacement  fan installed still no go, in the end it involved disassembling the  rocker switch and cleaning the contacts.. finally working after an hours work.

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