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BBMF - This would be worth seeing


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Only 18, 558, shares left now.  It looks like the weather is going to be kind as well.


I expect there will be a number of videos on you-tube to see, for those of use who cannot get there on the day.



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The Vulcan and BBMF Lancaster did formate in 2008.


attachicon.gifVulcan & Lancaster.jpg


Here's an interesting article on Bill Ramsey, who has flown both!





Many thanks for posting that John, it`s a great article with some really stunning photo`s. :clap :clap :clap .

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I'm onboard at Brundall on Thursday, what is the chance of a fly past, any idea on times.

according to the web site...this is from my poor memory....

no I will put the link on, it's easier than me trying to remember the times




Scroll down the page for times of arrival and departure from Waddington



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Yes I know where you are.


Our road train will be leaving our location at around 1200 latest, then east on the M180 to ensure parking and all getting together at a suitable location.  Some of us taking dogs too.  The 'plan' is to view the warbirds, fish-n-chips, ride on the miniature steam train, ice cream, have a walk etc then home as and when, you are welcome to join us if you wish

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Good evening each,


Since this thread is about the BBMF I thought I would share this with you.  Three years ago I applied to BBMF to see if they would they fly over Ranworth Island on 24th June 2011 (where has three years gone) below is their reply, which may help if someone wants to apply to the BBMF for a NBN event.


"Norfolk Broads, 24 Jun 11


Thank you for your request for RAF Participation at the above event during the 2011 season.


I regret to inform you that your application for RAF fixed-wing assets has been unsuccessful.  The flying hours allocated within the RAF for display flying is limited, and every the number of requests far outstrips the resources available. We do look at all options to support as many events throughout the country as possible; this includes looking for operational aircraft on routine training sorties that may be in the vicinity.


I do appreciate how disappointing the above information is, and if circumstances change, and we can support your event, we will be in touch; unfortunately, this is unlikely.  With the vagaries of the climate, I hope you are fortunate with the weather and have a successful event.


Should you be considering requesting RAF participation for an event in 2012 (2015 now) can I remind you that applications should be with the RAF Events Team by the end of September 2011" (now 2014)


This is the address: RAF Events Team, Bentley Priory Building, RAF Northolt, West End Road, Ruislip, Middlesex   HA4 6NG.


Tel: 020 8833 8769 (95233 8769)

Email: CER-SO3AirEventsTeams@mod.uk


I also wrote to the Vulcan Team, but got no reply.


Hope it helps, the G-HUEY team are based in Preston, I can go and have a chat with them if you are interested.


That is about it for now. :)

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Ok Morning All, and in particular those within travelling distance from Cleethorpes


Update time.



Ok this Sunday 7th.  Latest update (I contacted the tourist information centre at Cleethorpes) is that both Lancaster’s are due to do a flypast at 1605.


Car Parking – seeing as some of us will be taking our pooches along, we are restricted as to what beaches they can use, however from the Leisure centre southwards we are fine.  There are two car parks (Pay and display) adjacent, they are the Leisure centre and boating Lake car parks.  They are situated on ‘Kings Road’ A180.  The light railway is also situated there too.



Options for the day – Fish-n-Chips, Ice cream, beach walk (With dogs) light railway trip, (Yes dogs allowed on the railway - Macie enjoyed it last time out) and of course witness two Lancaster’s in formation flypast.


The T.I office say they are expecting crowds in large numbers on the day.  Therefore I suggest we get there earlier rather than later, witness the flypast then make your way home


So depart Donny area at say 1200?  Aim for the boating lake car park to meet up on arrival


The distance is around 50 odd miles from Finningley Airport to the car park so allow 75 mins travelling time or so, Predominantly M180


Car sharing – If anyone is in a vehicle on their own, let me know and I’ll try to arrange car sharing/lift if at all possible.  On this occasion I’ll be in a car and not on the mighty Tiger (Macie dog not a good pillion)


If you fancy it, see you there, if you don’t – that’s fine too.


Invite / pass this onto whoever you choose


Oh and any suggestions are welcome too.






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Yesterday & Today was the Southport Air Show, however this afternoon will see the two Lancasters flying in formation over the Derwent Dam.


No doubt there will be plenty of pictures on the internet later tonight and in the morning.


Here is a link mentioning the fly past that should include a Spitfire and a Hurricane. On this link is a picture of a previous fly pass by a single Lancaster.




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