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The Tales Of Susie Speedwell

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This thread will contain various bits of information about our coming adventures with the Shetland Speedwell we've just bought called Susie! (F929)

As a start we found her online at Norfolk Boat Sales in Wroxham.
Her previous owner had sadly passed away and the family put her up for sale, when we chanced upon the advert and made arrangements to go and view her.


Although getting on in years, she has fared quite well, all things considered! 

Yes, there are areas that require attention, but for the moment she is more than capable of giving us some new memories and time to plan how we will approach said 'areas'.

Happily the short trip out before buying her proved a good one, goes without saying really, so we made preparations to move her from Wroxham onto the Thurne nearer to home.

While planning the trip I was a little concerned about the old bridge at Potter Heigham and whether we could negotiate it safely. So scoured the internet to see if I could find out about the tide times etc.
This was achieved when I came across this website (Trust me, it's trueWillyWeather giving what I would say is some very good information.

Since she has been home, we have had a couple of little trips in her and I have managed to rectify some of the 'smaller jobs' that couldn't really wait...

We look forward to telling you about how we get on with Susie and what she gets up to in the future.

For now though, thanks for reading this and if you see us, give us a wave. :wave

Adam & Tracy


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Hi Merlin,

we have a share in Lightning, a 43 x 12 spacious cruiser, yet for some reason, I always love te idea of cruising on a much smaller boat. I always find smaller boats to be much more cosy and enjoyable. I hope we meet up on the rivers some time. Regards to you both ........ Neil.

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A quick update...

Not as epic as Robins trip :1_grinning:, but I took Susie up to Richardsons yesterday, to take her out today for this winters repair works.


It got a bit choppy and chilly on Barton broad. (Not as rough as the north sea though eh!)

Moored overnight outside Richardsons yard.

Hauled out & checked over ready for transport.

The work began with an initial pressure wash off.

Stripping out began today, removing parts to be painted and accessing repair needs.

I have 2 weeks leave in which to complete essential repairs before heading back to her home mooring on the river Thurne.

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Should I decide to return to ownership I will go for a Family 4,  Kestrel or Black Hawk for precisely the same reason:- Potter available to pass most of the time and with a beam of 6' 10" not difficult.

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Work continues today with more stripping out of the old and finding what needs to be purchased.

U fendering.

Old seating and carpeting.

Lots of glue removal to be done!

Lots to do in 2 weeks! :default_blink:

Further ahead than I thought I would be, so all going well at the moment.
As long as parts arrive on time, or are available locally, all should be good.

Onwards and upwards...


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Progress report....

Roof in cabin to strip back.

Sides in cabin to clean up.

Windows & rubbers to replace.

New decals to order & fit.

Lots of tidying up to do as well.

Sharp blades are really sharp!!

Planning on making new windows myself.

Plenty of polishing has been done & quite a bit more to do...

All in all though, things are moving along quite nicely.
Some of the more stubborn jobs are taking longer than hoped, but they haven't halted proceeding yet.

Half day tomorrow to purchase carpets and accessories etc.

Antifoul going on in the afternoon, so should start to look half decent from there onwards.
It's been a bit of a slog, with long days and the one injury (I just can't multitask!) but it gets me out of the washing up for a few days... :1_grinning:

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