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I Don't Know The Answer

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I would call it a "Gunter" rather than gaff. I remember in the 60's Gunter rigs were very popular and quite a few sailors who were not bothered by a little loss of performance or adhereance to their one design converted to Gunter. The reason was to be able to store the spars onboard, within the boat made for much less trailer problems. Gunter was very popular with the early dinghy cruising fraternity. Also folk tend to see a W on a sail and say "Wayfarer"  but there is a smaller boat also designed by Ian Procter called a "Wanderer" however it too was Bermudan rigged.

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The W on the sail is a Waveney One Design and the W distinguishes it from the Yare and Bure One Design, known as a White Boat. There is also the Broads One Design, known as a Brown Boat, which races mainly at Oulton and also at sea off Lowestoft. They are indeed Gunter rigged.

I would guess this photo was taken at Oulton and shows the day moorings for racing dinghies on the jetty at the Yacht Club. I think you can just see the corner of the clubhouse behind the Waveney sail on the left.

Coltishall was still operating Whirlwinds on SAR duties in the early seventies and I think they converted to Sea Kings in around 1976.


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Obviously an early Three Rivers race. No wind, so favours called in.

What I would have given for one of those when I did the 'Three Rivers Crawl' - A Chinook would have been better though.

I was on HMS Antrim in 77 and she still had one of those paraffin parrots as we used to call them


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Looking back at the original image this is the building of which you can just about see one yine corner. Sorry I can't find one from quite the right angle to show the trees but they would have changed a lot by now anyway. A number of Elm trees were taken out there IIRC during the Dutch Elm crisis


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