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The Count Down Begins


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well here we all are , at the end of January already , my how the time flies , 16 weeks today we'll be heading east to our favourite place , the bag will be packed soon and this time out i shall be taking a few bottles of my very special ( by this i mean 17% alc ) with us , we are aboard the fantastic Crown Gem 4  from Richardsons   members poster ,port side front ,if you find us moored up give us a knock . cheers

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Sorry Bob I can't get too excited about this :summertime:

you see our holiday will have been and gone by then ( last week in April)


Seriously though, I know how it feels as the weeks start to count down and the excitement grows.

 5 weeks tomorrow and our balance has to be paid.

Next step is to get the boat box out and check everything.

It'll soon be here 

have a great one cheersbar

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 Oi you lot, I didn't mention the C word, MM did on another thread, I mean, for goodness sake, wait till Jean finds out you've mentioned it before she has :facepalm:

Sorry Bob for some of the members distracting from your holiday topic, they've been let out early this year :naughty:

Have a smashing time, a holiday tale when you come back would be lovely and if there's any mention of Christmas, I'll report the lot of them lol


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I'm looking for ward to being able to get our caravan opened up again in a few weeks' time as we're planning on spending Easter there. Then back onto the rivers in May just for four days.

As for that other word that must not be spoken ... I wasn't allowed to buy half price cards in January so have decided that this year my preparations will be done last minute. After all ... can't go getting ourselves into trouble Grace, can we now. :broadscot

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To everyone it is count down for this year / season 2017 :wave

We will be up and on the boat for Easter :dance, but first we need to do some work on the boat with dear JawsOrca (Alan) help :hardhat:

We got told yesterday (at the moorings) the crane has been booked for Wednesday 5th April to put all boats back into the water :party1:. Then Good Friday and till Easter Sunday we will be on her and give her a good clean and enjoy being back on the water.


Marina :Stinky


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Ma.. we are planning on coming up this weekend and spending sunday on the carpet hopefully get it all prepped at least.. Not sure if we will get anything done on the hull but will have a look.

Paul, you mentioned you wanted some cushions redone? If you want to PM me I can take a look when we are up and measure up and get trimnet to quote. All honestly my boss is quite good on pricing and it will probably a bit cheaper than norfolk prices. 


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it seems very much like to me  ? (not such great grammar ) thatt we are all very much looking forward to going to our favourite place , i'd like to thank JennyMorgan , for clearing up the contentious , matter about whether or not , the Broads are a national park . , after that news , i'm going to get a drink to celebrate , see you all on the water  cheers

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