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Leisure Batteries


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Yes, I know, This has all been covered before but my feeble memory has let me down.

I am going to need two (or I might go for three) new leisure deep cycle batteries. 

The existing ones came with the boat when I bought it back in 2012, and I doubt they were anywhere near new back then, so they don't owe me much.


1. What make do members recommend?

2. Where best to get them? and

3. should I replace the starter battery at the same time?

oh and 4. How much are they likely to cost?

Many thanks for any help with these questions.


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There’s not too much to choose between standard leisure batteries. I guess you are looking at 100 to 120 amp/hour.

Usual sources might be Boulters,  Panks in Norwich,  Battery Specialists also In Norwich, even Halfords.

I always use Paul at Rotating Electrics in Yarmouth (01493 330404) as he has a wealth of knowledge and in a fellow boater!

No need to change the starter battery unless it too is knackered.

I reckon the cost is around £100 per unit.

Hope that helps, but I’m sure others will be along with more help.

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They say the heavier the Battery the better the quality however as you never can tell how long a Battery is going to last I always go for the cheapest 110’s I can find then if I only get 3 years from it Im not loosing any sleep.  The likes of Bosch & Varta etc come with big price tags but who knows if they are actually going to last you any longer than the equivalent cheapo.  I have found 110amphr leisure batteries for as little as £65 in the past and they did the job just fine.


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On 06/11/2019 at 05:34, Chelsea14Ian said:

I always use Brian ward at Brundall, give them a ring.You will get a discount as a member  of NBN. 

Hello Ian.

I put it down to the elastic that is across the level crossing, it twangs you into Brian Wards door. 

For supplies with great advice, thanks to Tanya & Nick and the forum discount why would you use another chandlers.



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I got 4x 90AH AGM batteries from a certain german car dealership for £20 (you need to know the right bloke), it seems they don't charge batteries before testing at pdi so quite a few fail due to sitting around in a compound and get replaced before sale, all mine have a mid-late 2018 manufacture date on, I would guess batteries made for oem are a bit heftier than the ones made for halfrauds.

May not be 'leisure' batteries but at that cost I don't care, took a while to get them all though.

Prior to that I have always used Anglia Batteries based in stevenage as one of them lives near me so deliver for free to where I work, I still use them for motorcycle batteries at a good price.

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To get the max life from leisure batteries DON'T take both pos and neg leads from the same battery, as you only use that battery with the others trailing behind, best practice is to take the pos from first battery and neg from last battery, or vise versa, this works all the batteries as one, so they last longer rather than the first batt failing first and draining the others. I use the cheapest lead acid ones they last four/five years difficult to know if dearier ones last longer as no two boats work/store/maintain their batteries the same along with what temperature they are used at, coldest place is best not near the exhaust or engine which will heat the batteries up and decrease their life along with having to top up the electrolyte frequently.   John

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When we had the motor mover fitted I had to upgrade the battery, the company who fitted it for me recommended one of these from the above mentioned Tayna.


It's very good and I found a voucher code online giving 10% off and free delivery. Ordered at 4pm, on my doorstep at 10 the next morning. Really well packaged and seems excellent. 

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17 hours ago, floydraser said:


These people know their stuff and I wouldn't go anywhere else. Easy for me to say because I could walk to their head office in 10 minutes from home! But they do have a branch in Norwich. I don't know how the prices compare but I've never had a dud from them. 


Oops, silly me I suggested Battery Specialists when they were taken over by Multicell years ago.

Should keep taking the tablets!

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