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Sometimes I would like to say that 'words fails me'. Those that know me will be certain that the occasion I was left bereft of words would never arise. But yesterday the words just would not work!

Sauntering through the woods yesterday morning with the Beagle Brothers and Spot the collie we happened upon a woman in distress. Sobbing her heart out she was, while trying to pick up her rather large but skinny mongrel and carry it down the path.
"Do you need help?" I asked a bit concerned.
"I've got to get Mr Buttons to the doggie hospital it's an emergency!"
I looked at Mr Buttons who gave a nervous wag of the tail as if to say 'I didn't have a say in the matter' and struggled to escape the grip of HER mistress.
"What's the problem? She seems OK?" I asked as Mr B wriggled free, landed on the ground and instantly tried to initiate a game of chase with Dylan and Toby.
"Mr Buttons ate a dead bird!"
"I wouldn't panic, she seems OK. Dylan there was chomping on a dead seagull the other week!" 
"But Mr Buttons is a vegan just like me!" wailed the woman.

The words just would not come. I rounded up the beagles and scarpered.


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Unlike cats, which have to eat meat in order to maintain good health dogs, theoretically don't, though they do require a certain amount of animal protein to remain properly healthy, and so a vegan diet should never be imposed on a dog. It is poor for things like dental health, as well as skin and bone development. It is also needed for digestive health.

If you can't deal with the fact that your pet is not a vegan animal, choose something different. Don't try and adapt it to a lifestyle you chose but for which it is not designed.

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It is not possible for humans, omnivores that we are, to live healthily exclusively on a vegan diet. We need vitamin B12, which comes exclusively from animal sources and we cannot synthesise it in the body. Of course they will tell you about "nutritional yeast" and similar supplements which contain B12, but all these derive ultimately from animals. Looking at a dog's teeth, they are obviously designed to eat meat.  I think it is cruel for a pet owner to impose their own dietary fads on a dumb animal which has no choice in the matter. If you want to be a vegan, get a hamster.



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There are five food groups that make up a normal healthy diet. These are Bacon, Beer, Coffee, Curry and Cake known as the 'BBC's'. According to dietitians it is important to consume five fruits or vegetables per day. I smoke roll ups which is basically salad and is an essential element of my Five a Day.

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