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A Land Based Holiday


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As some of you may know my dad has diabilities, I help my mum take care of him. We decided to hire a houseboat in Horning so he could at least be a part of his beloved Broads once again. A boat would be too much for him. So off we set early on a Friday morning in August, my mum, dad and two children. Lots of excited chatter about returning to the Broads filled the air on the journey. I can never tire of my children asking ...Are we there yet...after just an hour :default_biggrin:

I'm not much good at writing holiday tales but just to let anyone who may be interested we had a lovely time. I sat fishing with him a lot which brought back some happy memories and us talking about those memories until quite late with a glass of wine or two. Caught some nice fish (no monsters) but good fun all the same.

We spent time in some of the waterside pubs (strange visiting by road), went to Potter a lot too, Bridgesstones being a firm favourite with all those cakes on offer. If I recall there's a few ladies on here that feel the same :default_biggrin:

The week was filled with fun, creating some new memories and a couple of tears if I'm honest. We have decided we will definitely be doing it again providing my dad can manage in the future.

I hope you are all keeping safe and well 


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Thank you so much all of you :default_icon_kiss:

Jeff, have a lovely time, hope you get some good catches and the weather improves, a bit rainy here at the moment

Helen, I'm not going to mention shoes or wine, some people get fed up with it but just to let you know I have purchased a pair or two and still have a pint or 2 of my friday night wine :default_biggrin:

Sam, although our houseboat was a tad basic and off the main river I would recommend that type of accomodation for your parents although you know their limitations of course.

The very best memories Ray, thank you. We had such a great time going down memory lane

Ian (the Chelsea supporter...Never mind) :default_biggrin: Seriously, I hope you and Marina are keeping safe and well

Monica and Liz, hope you are both keeping well too :default_icon_kiss:



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7 minutes ago, Gracie said:

Blimey, it's all right for some :default_biggrin: Hope you're having a lovely time, are you floating or land based?

Land based! Started on the mainland 'doing' ancient ruins including the Acropolis then moved onto the islands. Will be three islands in total! So pleased that you have returned to the forum with your news....♥️

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4 minutes ago, Gracie said:

Thank you Jaws. Hope you and Dave are okay and well. 

Looking forward to see what you do with Surprise, she is a cutie :default_icon_wave:

We're all good thanks, Now living 30 mins from Beccles though and ashore... We rehomed 3 kittens this year so not much boating but hopefully next year.

I'll keep the updates for Surprise coming as we go as long as you promise to follow :) 


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7 hours ago, YnysMon said:

Probably less to do with the pesky mods (how I love to hear that phrase again) than the forum software. It’s probably treating you like a newbie, and I remember the frustration of not being able to do likes when I first joined. 

I think you're right Helen, I can now see the jokes section and members only section, I'm able to do likes again too. 

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