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Three Rivers Race


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Oh moi lor.

I was going to say "what a good article" but then it ended with those three words - Broads National Park.

Surely for at least today, for probably the most famous inland sailing race in the country, they could still be called the Norfolk Broads?

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Glorious sunshine today, so different to yesterday.

Most of the ones that chose the River Ant leg first came through between 12:30 and 1:30.

The buoy was just in front of the bridge again, tricky with that wind direction.....


3rr 2016.jpg

3rr 2016 DSCF3002.jpg

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22 minutes ago, springsong said:

Not quite the same standard as Strowager but from my battered point and shoot.

Your photos look pretty good to me Barry.

It's always been easier for me to get "action" photos at Ludham Bridge because the river is so much narrower and the bends enable head-on shots with a medium telephoto.

Here's few more, but I'd better not take up any more NBN storage space, I'm sure that there will be many great photos posted on here from other members all around the course.














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10 hours ago, JennyMorgan said:

Excellent stuff,

It's kind of you to say so Peter.

I'm sure you'll agree though, digital cameras have virtually automated everything except the framing of the scene, so good picture standards are now very high.

So many superb photos that have been published on the web and this forum would easily have won national competitions years ago if they could have been taken then.

Autofocus, autoexposure, zooms, and 15 megapixel plus sensors have now let all of us amateur photographers concentrate on the art itself.

My very expensive three lens pentax outfit back in the seventies is now massively eclipsed by my much cheaper three year old Fuji bridge camera, which is far more versatile despite being completely self-contained, and takes hours of broadcast quality 1080p 60fps video too.



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Hello Stowager,

I guess we have all been there toting our camera bags in the 70's full of goodies of the day, my first 35 mm was a Zenith all I could afford at the time but it was a versatile camera with its built in light meter. I sold this and all the lenses I bought for it (many of them second hand) a couple of yeas after I bought a Cannon A1. I still have this in a camera bag but have not used it in years,  as you say digital is so versatile.



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I too had a Canon 35mm for years. Then a Sony digital cassette video camera. Now like Strowy, I have a Panasonic bridge one. With the cards the work you can save to it is amazing. The fun begins when you down load it later !:naughty:


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So true Strowager... My Pentax kits languish in a cupboard whilst me cheap Fuji travels everywhere with me!  I don't profess to being a great photographer but did enjoy my 35 mm hobby years ago.  I could buy a more expensive Digi SLR but the little bridge cameras are so brilliant I can hardly justify the cost!

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I now use my Sony Z3 PHONE 21mp and waterproof and recently bought a Nikon S33 coolpix. Dedicated video button, waterproof to 33ft shockproof from 5ft. Perfect on the boat or in the field for snaps. 

I was going to get a bright blue or yellow one  about £70 but got it £15 cheaper by taking pink.


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But none have that Thames A-Rater  panache. I lived near for 22 years Bourne End home of the U.T.S.C. second club to their spiritual home Surbiton. Even with three "heavies" up they are a real handful in anything north of moderate. To see one go out of control is one of lifes unforgetables.

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