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Oh Yes !!!!!!!!!!!!!


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I was not sure which category to put this one in.  'The Lounge' states for non boat related chat or some such like.  well this thread is definitely boat related.  If it pleases their holiness's (Mods) feel free to move this post to a relevant section.


The registration plate you see below (If I have attached it correctly) is      'R641 CHG'

It has taken me well over a year to find the thing.  Who owned it, what vehicle was it on, had the vehicle been scrapped etc etc.  after much detective work it turned out the DVLA had never issued it, therefore it had never been on a vehicle and they subsequently owned it.  I tired to buy it off them - Nope - I had to register an interest.  Then they would either put it up for sale on there general pages of reg numbers available to buy direct or they would put into one of their auctions for sale.  This took months and months before I eventually was contacted and informed that it was going into an auction.  So after much nail biting, checking their auction web page daily as of yesterday I now own this cherished number plate registration.  Got it for the reserve price of £130 to (Plus the usual vat, buyers fee, transfer fee etc).  It will soon be adorning my Jeep.

So why is it cherished?  well to most if not all the population it is definitely not cherished, 7 x characters and nothing special or different about what the characters show/read to the uninformed eye.  To me though it is absolutely spot on and why I have been so determined to buy it.  Ok enough waffling for those of you that have not yet worked it out, I'll tell you

'R 6 4 1'  is of course 'B.A's registration number for here on the Broads.    'C H G' is my initials 100% correct to the letter.   Put the two together as in the example below and viola !!

So Yesterday not only did I get to see Jef Lynne ELO live in concert, but secured this reg plate too on the same day!

One is a very well chuffed




New Microsoft Office Word Document (2).docx

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Congrats Griff:clap you got it cheap ! My mate paid £800 for his number plate. I think the thread should remain here, like its owner, the number plate, will soon be noticed from Donny to Stalham !

Patience is a virtue, well done you !


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My initials are impossible as well, QMS.  you can get a Q plate for a heavily modified vehicle, but it is:

Q,Number, Number, Letter, Letter, Letter.

 I have followed PEN15 down the road, at one time it was fitted to a mobility trike, fitted with a full race motorcycle engine owned by an disabled person because of a Motorcycling racing accident,  it then was on a Porsche, changed again, now on an AMG Mercedes.

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2 minutes ago, donnygeoff said:

My plate has my initials on it

*** YG   (the *** are the numbers)

YG is Young Geoff

(or when I lived in Northampton, the lads in the local pub changed it to Yorkshire Git)


edited to add, I was young when I got it 23 years ago

Maybe time now Geoff to look for an OG plate ! :naughty:

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Well done Griff, is it still £80 to transfer the plate??

Had my plate years, DHF137, which chosen for the car a Lancia Martini Delta HF Turbo with 137bhp, now it's on a Ford Fiesta Econetic!!! :facepalm:but it does de-age the car atleast :naughty:.


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Yes there is an £80:00 transfer fee.  £130:00 for the sale,  plus £26:00 vat on the sale price, £48:00 buyers premium inc vat giving a total of £284 for an item I bought for £130.  Then I have to pay for the physical plates of course.  Still it's only the once and they will mine for as long as I choose


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I wouldn't want a number plate that was that memorable at first glance, if you get some hard case, if you cut him up, or don't let him in at queuing traffic, or just beep him once, even without giving special hand signals, then first time he or she notices you in say a car park... watch out for trolley dents or scratches.

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