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7 hours ago, JennyMorgan said:

Oi, where's mine? :shocked

The suspense is killing me!

They all left together except for one with an address problem - now sorted - however I can reveal that, knowing Peter's enthusiasm for his copy, we paid extra for his Norfolk pigeon to have an additional feed before take off. 

Unfortunately best laid plans and all that, the bird ate so much it couldn't get airborne and was last seen heading east on the A47 , calendar under its wing, trying to hitch a ride. We decided it would have run the surplus off by Acle so left it to it! 


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One of Amazon's pigeons delivered a DVD today. It looked at me and said...

"Listen here Mynah, I've been flying like a demented sparrow hawk getting all these DVDs to all the various people who'd ordered them as Christmas presents. Doesn't it occur to you to order just a little bit earlier and allow we avian deliverers a bit of a break after all the hard work we've done.  I've flown over 145 miles this morning alone delivering 27 films and a boxed set. Well? What do you have to say to that?"

I looked at the pigeon and said... "Coo"

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Got it :dance

held a large net up as the pigeon was flying over and grabbed it

(see all those years watching Dick Dastardly & Muttley as a kid payed off he,he,he,he) 

that'll be lost on anyone under a certain age!

seriously though they look great, well done and thanks to all involved

Happy Christmas everyone 


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Great! I have a knackered pigeon recuperating under a chicken incubator right now. Just hope that he doesn't see me as a soft touch and insist on staying. I have two allegedly feral ones that have taken up residency in the garden that are costing me a fortune to feed as it is, fat old 'mawthers' that they have become.

Some really good pictures and not just mine either! Shall frame some of them up for my 'shed' after their stint as a calendar.

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Yay, I've got mine, not by pigeon but im indoors picking it up from the Post Office for me

I am blown away, it's fantastic, a big thank you to JA for organising this at such short notice and to all of you that took the photos, every single one of them are brilliant but my favourite is January ;) very nice moody pic of one of those flappy thingies

Well done the Team :clap


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