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And it will be until midnight on 16th June :mad::mad:

Two 'anglers' seen fishing from a boat on the Ant between  How Hill and Irsted yesterday morning. 

I stopped alongside and called across to advise them, they just looked away  and carried on.....

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Same here Pops, when we were at Reedham the other week, there were two gents sitting on the front of a boat fishing, im indoors gently reminded them it was closed season and was also ignored, they risk a hefty fine and their fishing gear confiscated, a very expensive holiday if they get caught, which will only serve to be right


p.s That was damn close, I just had to edit out  'h' in sitting :facepalm:

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2 hours ago, Jbx5 said:


yesterday a small dory around cantley area with a long keep net trailing behind speeding up and down ?




Sounds like they were laying fyke nets for eel, as poppy says if they are licenced ok.

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11 hours ago, Poppy said:

Had we seen a Ranger, (we didn't) would they have the power to act ?

The Environment Agency Officer for the area (Nick Beardmore) has the power to take action.  The BA don't have enforcement powers regarding fishing (except where fishing illegally becomes a navigation offence, for example fishing from a moving powerboat).  However the Rangers all work closely with Nick, undertaking joint patrols with him in season so he can check rod licences for example, and most of them have Nick's direct line mobile number.  Whilst it is up to Nick to initiate a prosecution, the Ranger would be able to give evidence as a credible witness.

However, as others have said, what you may be seeing is perfectly legal licensed  eel fishing as opposed to out of season coarse angling.

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Are they laying nets mid channel and then leaving them set or are they trawling from a moving boat with a net?

I would like to think the people pictured are licensed but people can be bold as brass these days so you never know. 

Hopefully this thread will be read by someone in the know.

We dont want a repeat of this:


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They are laid often mid channel. I have seen fykes put down early morning in Horning. They are weighted to the bottom. The bottom of the RGO in the centre of Ely used to be covered in them.  Often they will have a grapnel at one end and the net is paid out behind the boat and weighted at the other. On busy waterways they are not buoyed but recovered by grapnel.

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48 minutes ago, JennyMorgan said:


That is no angler's set up. Political correctness prevents me from suggesting that those of a different culture to myself are most likely to be guilty, grrrrrrr.

Have to agree with you there MM.......that hook  is more suited to Big Sea Fishing and not something a coarse fisherman would use.

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