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Pessimist or realist?


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Yes, it does seem a touch paranoid under way, especially with the additional fenders on the roof already hanked on and ready to be deployed. :roll:


It reminds me of the worried boat owner always moored opposite the Barnes webcam at Wroxham.


Maybe his plastic force field is more understandable though, being in such a precarious bows out mooring location....


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Got to be a collector ......any decent pessimist or realist would have a matching set .that said a blue boat with a red hood would set off my OCD anyway


Whilst the main suppliers of lost fend-offs, the hire yards, all use various sizes and colours, it's inevitable that us collectors, retrievers from reedbeds, will have non matching sets. Perhaps we should have a forum swop shop so we can make up matching sets!

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We were treated to a sideswipe on Thurne Dyke a few years ago from a boat with metal on the rubbing strake. Proper deep scar inflicted on our starboard side.


Not through stupidity or malice I hasten to add, it was a simple accident where the skipper of the hire boat forgot what the stern was doing after he'd turned the boat around and was heading back out of the dyke. Rookie mistake which I suspect we've all made.


Richos were simply awesome about it though...sorted the repair at our home mooring, no hassle and I couldn't even tell where we'd been hit. Proper job.


I do fear for the new Broom hire boats though... :shock:

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Probably the same bloke who was wagging his tail all the way down the dyke. Upon hearing 'my strong remonstration'  he replied " don't stress mate, they don't say nuffin when you take 'em back".

I explained that my boat, along with several others would NOT be taken back ( as politely as I was able :naughty: )

he appeared genuinely surprised!

They live ( and boat) amongst us.

Thank GOD they aren't all like that.

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Having been holidaying on the broads for 20 years I've pretty much seen it all but in two weeks time we take delivery of our new Broom 395 and my world if worries has taken on a life of its own, 100 fenders doesn't seem enough! Lol wish us luck. ....

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