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Where's Timbo?


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Normal service will be resumed shortly folks.

A quick 'blip' on the 'stroke 'o' meter has meant I'm restricted to light duties. About three weeks ago I started to feel a hot throbbing (steady) in my calf. Dylan and Toby had been 'indicating' for about a day. A swift trip to the GP and the hospital and I have a thrombosis in my leg and they are checking my lung. So meds had been upped and as a consequence, I was not allowed near anything 'sharp'. They are now checking things are OK before allowing me out to play.

Of course, Ellie has been finding things for me 'to do' that involve me sitting down and filming and the 'afternoon naps' have been reinstated! At the GP this afternoon, so fingers crossed I get to carry on as usual.

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So...I'm visiting historic sites, enjoying a nifty snifter outside of my stately pile, surrounded by gorgeous young women...have I snuffed it?

Here's your chance to see gratuitous boating, dog walking and beautiful...and I mean stunningly beautiful, drop dead gorgeous...Timbo! Judge for yourself...is he alive and kicking? Or just dead from the neck up? And who is this English Twit they talk about?

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Good morning gadies, lentlemen and mentle gaidens all!

In Timbo Watch this week...mountebanks and snake oil salesmen attempt to insert tubes! Over the past two weeks, I've heard nothing but the phrase 'in my opinion' followed by some irrelevant waffle that nobody is remotely interested in. What I originally thought was a shoulder injury brought on by wading through the recent snowdrifts. Wait for it...it then turns back into a rotator cuff injury...then into angina, back into a heart attack, possibly diabetes, possibly all four, but then it could be...

I've had tubes put 'up', I've had tubes forced 'down' and needles driven 'in' until I've reached the point where if I saw a neat bundle of £20 notes on the hospital floor I would not bend down to pick it up!

I've sat in hospital corridors, waiting rooms, a broom cupboard, and hospital wards. I've been sent home, sent back, sent home again, spent a fortune on petrol and car parking. I'm now recuperating at Timbo Towers. The final diagnosis...'well in my opinion' said the quack, whereupon I told him firmly that 'if I wanted his opinion, then I would give it to him'. In the end, I opted for a bit of John 5:8!

I might be painting a black picture of the NHS here. That is not my intention. All of the staff were trying to be as professional as possible in circumstances way beyond their control. They were overworked and underpaid, under appreciated and in need of a holiday!

Back at Timbo Towers, a few days of rest and sleep and stopping all of the 'new' tablets they have put me on, resting my arm in a sling and a makeshift cradle for my shoulder made from pillows for when I'm asleep has seen the pain in my arm and chest lessen. My blood prerssure and heart rythm is once again rock solid and stable although I seem to have left my sense of humour and  a good deal of my patience elsewhere!


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56 minutes ago, Timbo said:

In the end, I opted for a bit of John 5:8!

 John 5:8
And there are three that bear witness in earth, the Spirit, and the water, and the blood: and these three agree in one.

Good ole Reverend Google :default_smiley-angelic002:


Rest,  relax and do as you are told,


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Pipe and slippers for the beagles? I'd have to evict them from under my duvet first! Apart from which, Dylan is more your Woodbine man...I mean dog.

Ellie knows erm...quite a bit about a lot of things...my exact whereabouts I'm fairly sure she knows exactly what's going through my head and how quickly I get bored! 

As for filming young beauties...this week I will be editing a film on Old Bags! Old handbags by Coach to be exact!

Doing as I am told? Never!

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