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Norfolk Broads 1981


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Another great bit of Broads cine footage - not one of my mine, but uploaded by another YouTube user earlier today. A church choir holiday in 1981 aboard a couple of Herbert Woods boats - one of many similar trips they took they took reading the attached info. 

Early in the season, I suspect this may have been over the Easter week.



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Very interesting video. Thanks for sharing it. Great assortment of boats. I think you're right about Easter - looked like an Easter egg on the breakfast table and also the bishop preaching at Ranworth?

Lovely way to start the day.

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2 minutes ago, grendel said:

lovely, I think I spotted someone with a Zenit E camera (the budget SLR of the day- Well I had one and so did my dad)

I had one in the 70s, always forgot to close down the appature after focusing!! Had one of their Russian 12x50 binoculars as well both performed well. NEVER drove a Lada though.

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50 minutes ago, grendel said:

did all that - and owned a Lada.

I was shooting before Christmas in the Suffolk Breckland. To my absolute surprise one of the "Pickers-Up" arrived in a very recent Lada Niva, which was a longer wheel base 5 door model ( never seen one with back doors before) I chatted to him and he had bought it new from a guy who imports them. I think he said down you way. Kent or one of those old Kent towns that are counted as Greater London nowadays.

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I love these films, 1981 seems so long ago, I was still in my teens and playing on Mrs Windsor's (well,Thatcher's) much bigger boats!.All those yellow life jackets, the Zenit camera, and the glass coffee cups certainly take me back. 

Do any groups, other than families, ever go on such adventures these days? With all the regulations and H&S, I suspect it would be too difficult for anyone to arrange. Then again, I suspect few young people would be content with the simple pleasures of boating. 

The boats on these films are ( in my opinion) much more aesthetically pleasing to look at, they don't resemble the floating caravans of much of the current hire fleets. Then I would say that!

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2 hours ago, Lulu said:

I really enjoyed this. I remember those glass coffee cups. Never seen them anywhere else other than on a boat! 

You must be too young to remember the coffee bars of the late 50s and 60s, they were everywhere. Still to be seen all over France in the type of rural Bar that serves the local wine in mustard glasses. What happened to the Dijon mustard that was sold in a glass with a red plastic lid??

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