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Fatal Accident In Stalham

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Watching the local news this morning,  it was awful to hear that a young girl was killed while walking in Stalham  yesterday.   Her friend was injured.   The culprit has been arrested as he/she did not stop.     Apparently went on to wrap the car around something else further on from Stalham.       I just feel for her family.



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  • Hylander changed the title to Fatal Accident In Stalham
43 minutes ago, Hylander said:

Looking at the photographs taken of the road,   I have often thought you take your life in your hands when you cross to go over to Tescos.      So very sad.

It didn't happen near Tesco.

It was further towards Wroxham.

I was on the road shortly after this incident but did not know what had happened. No emergency services were on scene when I passed and TBH I thought someone had hit a deer which is not uncommon on that road.

Feel a bit bad now for not stopping to offer my limited first aid skills.

Didn't see the car involved as I had turned off before the Tesco junction.

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I've never really understood why that stretch of road is a 50mph limit. I know the road is fairly straight and with good visibility, but you have a number of busy junctions onto the road and the one by Tesco's in particular is a 20mph zone straight out onto a 50 mph road. Then you have the pedestrian island where you can cross from Stalham staithe into the town centre. There are no barriers around the island and you can end up standing there with traffic going past in each direction at 50mph. I'm sure there's a case for dropping the limit to 40mph from Stepping Stone Lane to somewhere past the Richardsons turn, with a pelican crossing installed to cross the road from the staithe.

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They should have bulit a roundabout by Tescos - getting out of there is never easy if heading to Wroxham because of traffic turning in ( however this is irrelevant to the accident )

Until we see the full details, let's not jump to hasty conclusions. That is a major road, taking a lot of traffic. Many of us use it for commuting. It has a good footpath to Wayford Bridge, so pedestrians should be safe. I'd agree with barriers on the island though.

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Unutterably sad, having lost friends to road incidents, in some cases on the same road albeit different stretches, there are no words for the sorrow family and friends must feel.

As RumPunch says wait and see, in the interim I do wish the media would check what they are reporting, one article is stating 60 mph speed limit, probably by someone who doesn’t know the road. At best sloppy reporting, at worst highly insensitive.

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Reported in the news this morning. A 68 year old man from Hoveton has been remanded in custody until Sept. To appear at Norwich Crown Court on charges of causing death by dangerous driving and injury by dangerous driving.

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