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Ray, you little tyke Lol :default_2gunsfiring_v1:

Had a great day, thank you guys

Just got back from a huge family meal and a glass of wine or two (hic) totally embarrassed by my Brothers who showed a film of me catching my first fish when I was six, a tiny roach that hit me in the face when I struck and helming (zig zagging) Gold Gem down the Ant on my Dads lap :facepalm:Fantastic memories

Grace :default_icon_kiss:

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Sorry Gracie ,      this is very much a belated Happy Birthday,  squashed tomatoes and stew, bread and butter in the gutter,  HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU...           God Bless..



:default_drink_2:   Its only 9 in the morning but hic who cares.     







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11 minutes ago, Jim said:

Yes Gracie, "hair of the dog"...Trust me, sometimes it's the only thing that will work lol

Well I'm off to watch the footie with my Brothers this afternoon, will beer do? :default_norty:


11 minutes ago, Jayfire said:

Get back on the wine, that'll sort your head out. Or at least make you not care about it :default_smiley-angelic002:

Thank you

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50 minutes ago, Gracie said:

Thank you once again......anyone got any tips on the quickest way to cure a hangover?? :default_drinks: Only I don't normally drink that much :default_norty:


A Full English, Grace, washed down with as much Orange Juice/coffee as you can take.......... That's from years of previous experience!     :default_icon_kiss:

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