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We are looking forward to 30th December when we are next on the Broads, especially now that eldest son Harry has finally got confirmation that he has that week off, so we can have a family New Year together afloat. That’s a first. :default_biggrin:

First time with two dogs too. :55c8f94984577_default_AnimatedGifDogs(127):

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1 hour ago, NorfolkNog said:

Certainly am Lady M :default_biggrin:

Looking at the tides probably Thursday 

Down your Manor for a visit to the Caxton Club :default_beerchug:

Thank you little ole Becclees would not be the same without your visit.      Enjoy yourselves and please keep warm and snug.    :default_xmas6:

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3 hours ago, NorfolkNog said:

Lovely fresh morning :default_biggrin:



Well well well a cold frosty morning and outside a cold frosty pub what a surprise 🤣🤣🤣 And I bet it was warm inside there last night nudge nudge wink wink Howard.  🤣🤣🤣 

Have a great day Mr & Mrs Nog safe travels you two 👍👍

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