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How's this for a whole week: Doesn't compare with golden silk knickers though..

Tuesday: German lesson 90 minutes of sheer joy, docs for lung function test including two X rays. Doc says I need a CT scan... Go to work go home eat sleep get up.

Wednesday: go to garage sign lease on new car. Go to work go home eat and sleep get up

Thursday:Go for CT scan, one normal one contrast CT, go home eat sleep get up

Friday: Discuss with doc results of CT scan, got nodules need another scan in 12 months. Grrrr.  Call from Mums carer, she is in hospital been on bedroom floor all night. Go home pack bag drive with Fiona to Calais. Cross channel, drive to Chelsmford book into hotel 2 am.

Saturday: go to Broomfield hospital see Nana , she is fine big fuss over nothing, remind her not to pull her emergency cord unless she needs to, drive to Ashford book into hotel eat sleep get up

Sunday: Drive to Chunnel link cross channel drive to Bern arrive 7pm. Sleeeeeeeeeeeep get up

2189km in two days...

Monday : why am I so tired? go to work go home..... Where's the wine......


We need the boat for some R&R



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Now as most of you will be aware, I have three main active hobbies in my life (Excluding family, Macie Dog,  looking after three houses,  mates, etc etc).  They are:- Boating on the Broads,  Game / Clay / Rifle shooting,  and a Triumph Tiger 1050.

Having just spent 7 x days onboad getting home Monday evening and back to work yesterday as per the norm, this week circumstances have conspired resulting in me to seriously over-indulge.  This has had a knock on effect of turning MrsG's raised eyebrows into a proper frown, next will come the finger tapping on the table followed by the safety valves lifting and me being on the receiving end, I'll explain.

This evening (Wednesday) being the first Wednesday of this month, I meet some of my shooting mates for a clay shoot, in Scaftworth (Just outside Bawtry) nowt huge, just 50 birds and around 70 odd cartridges, followed by a pub dinner then home for around 2200.  This is a regular event that happens the first Wednesday of every month and I try to attend as many of them as I can  =  1 x Hobby serviced

Tomorrow a mate from over in Market Weighton, whom I probably see once a year, is popping over for a visit, he is ex RN like myself.  He works on the gas rigs nowadays, 6 x weeks on and 6 x weeks off.  He recently exchanged his hooligan bike for a Triumph Tiger 1050 so he is coming over on that for around 1100.  By 1200 both of us will be on our mighty Tigers bound for Stalham, riding back Friday late afternoon  =  1 x Hobby serviced

Tomorrow mid afternoon I will board 'B.A' with said mate, sail for an overnight stay outside some riverside hostilary for dinner, libations and a good catch up.  Onboard overnight, then sail back to the Wet Shed via another pub for a sensible DTS then make our way home  =  1 x Hobby serviced

That's my main three hobbies attended to in three days!  I have never in the past ten years since we have had 'B.A' recommissioned done all three hobbies in three days one after the other and doubt that circumstances will conspire anytime soon for me to do so again. Living the dream here Griff my boy. 

Oh and just to top that lot off my local Clay shoot (In Wroot) operates every second Sunday when I spend 3 x Hrs there, around 100 clays and 125 cartridges - Guess what? - It's this coming Sunday - Oh yes it is!

Things just get better and better.  All I need now is to maybe finally agree to take Kelly Brook out onboard 'B.A' for a weekend :15_yum:


A spoilt and Happy Griff

(Soon to be awarded Commander - in - Chiefs official warning if I'm not careful)


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After feeling a tad under the weather the last couple of days, I woke this morning and felt much better so we packed a bag and headed for the beach which literally is a two minute walk away. Sun cream, sun hat, bikini and denim cut offs (not worn for a long time) I felt the bees knees (sorry Griff I'm no Kelly Brooke) Im indoors looked very buff in his shorts, who needs Johnny Depp (ok, scrap that bit lol) We've had a glorious time, splashing in the sea which looked a beautiful crystal blue in the sunshine, a bit of family cricket Ian (Chelsea14) would have been proud of me and to top if off we sat on a promenade bench eating fish and chips out of the paper, I swear it tastes better that way

Now back home, the kids bathed and ready for bed, glass of wine on the patio, sharing my day with you good people, life can be good sometimes, can't it?

Well that was my day today, hope you've all had a good one too :default_winko:


p.s Saw some flappy thingies and they weren't zig zagging all over the ruddy place either :default_norty:

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Just off duty after a lovely weekend looking after our 3 1/2  year old grandson. He is such good company. We spent Saturday Morning at Camber Sands, with him trying out his shortie wetsuit and bodyboard, looking mini surf dude and very sweet. Saturday afternoon and he was at a party, bouncing on soft play stuff with his best friend. 'I love Jack' he said a www! 

This morning we found a shady corner of the local park's giant sandpit for a couple of hours serious digger activity, and riding into the park on his Mongoose Balance bike. 

He played in the bath with his bath toys after lunch, paddling pools were out of the question in the heat, and we watched Paddington, which is a great little movie.

Happy time.

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Saturday, went to Sutton gala,

Went home laid 3/4 ton of concrete, suffered greatly in the heat, did not a lot else.

Sunday, Did some heavy duty Pruning with a chainsaw,

Went to Stalham car boot, picked up a couple of books by Keith Skipper and a  copy of The  Broads from the air by Mike page (it turned out to be signed by him). Left Keith Skippers book with Mother who was laughing greatly (though she struggles with the Norfolk, Mum speaks west country)..

Took Ben the Border Collie for a long walk, some insect took a bite out my left hand which is annoying intensely at the moment.

 Had a bad nights sleep due to pea harvesting, and the heat.

Now about to measure ACV to roughly 1 part in a million...


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yesterday my day was quite quiet, it started early (6.30 am, when I got up and was out of the door headed to the boot fair before it got too warm, at the boot fair i bought a decent tenon saw, a nice old pair of pointed nose pliers (with longer points than you get nowadays) a little indoor helicopter for a fiver, and a set of 4 wooden blinds.

when I got home I had breakfast and set to disassembling the blinds - over 300 75cm slats of lime wood will provide timber for many another model, as I have mentioned before timber for model boats is usually about £1.00 a length (and upwards) so maybe a saving of over £300 for my £5 purchase.

after doing some essential housework it was down to model making, I had 3 handrail supports to turn today, and after each one the lathe has to have about 40 minutes cool down time (the motor is not rated for continuous use) so the first of these was made.

then it was time to go into the garden and do some messy sanding on the model #2 an hour was spent filling and sanding.

then back indoors and another handrail support on the lathe followed by another session sanding (the filling was done just before coming in - to give it time to set).

the only problem I did have was the filler was going off too quickly.

this was repeated through the afternoon, the last handrail support was turned, the threads were added (the lathe has to be reconfigured for thread cutting), and then the lathe was taken off the work bench and the whole area thoroughly hoovered to remove the brass shavings.

then to decide what next to do on the model. after having a ponder the front cabin roof was chosen, though I might decide to do some work in the cockpit, adding the floors / details etc. this brought me into early evening, I decided to see if I could print some 3d handrail supports with longer shafts to enable some sort of fixing below the roof - out of 3 batches printed I got 4 useable ones.

well there you go, thats a typical quiet sunday working on the models for me, a day where a satisfying amount of progress is made.

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Spent part of yesterday making a pirate cake with 3 year old assistance, it is Daddy's 40th.

Today I have big plans! I bought an overlocker sewing machine last weekend before heading for Kent, now home, I get to play with it! Joy!


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15 hours ago, BroadAmbition said:

Went to the cinema earlier this evening to watch 'Dunkirk' - Proper stonking film - Recommended.  One to watch again when the DVD is released.  Now I need to track down the original 1958 version


charlie its on itv4 right now, just found it and started watching 15.35 saturday

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17 hours ago, BroadAmbition said:

Went to the cinema earlier this evening to watch 'Dunkirk' - Proper stonking film - Recommended.  One to watch again when the DVD is released.  Now I need to track down the original 1958 version


Watching it on ITV4 as I do the ironing! Great shots of those little ships and the old Medway Queen, a boat I had a few trips on from the end of Herne Bay pier when I was a kid. 

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1 hour ago, chameleon said:

enjoying the first day of the rest of my life (retired yesterday) roll on tuesday all august afloat

You must be euphoric.we've had 17 years retired,  most of each Summer since spent on the boat. Best wishes for a long and happy retirement.




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