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Has anyone got any information on when BB are likely to have the webcam working again?

The last I heard was that they would get it up and working again after the 6 weeks school holiday

As it's now half term time where I live I was wondering if the schools around Wroxham were still on Summer Holidays !


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Thank goodness for this news, I had a 4 day break on Barnes Omega 23rd of October. The weather was lovely if a little breezy. No more chugs now until May so the webcam is my daily dose of the Broads. Of course if my lottery numbers come up I will be asking for advice on buying a boat, huh some chance hey.

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1 hour ago, mbalding1050 said:

I thought i might have been the only one looking viewing this camera for a broads fix, remembering past holidays and looking forward to the next, and if your lucky catching glimpse of our next boat!

I think a lot more look at the webcam than will admit it, some even keep a close eye on their own boats! It’s a fine way of getting a ‘Broads fix’. 

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Thanks, BB, that's a much clearer image too. It would be good if you could stop on the centre portion of the marina too, as it used to (so we can sit and admire our boat on rainy days). Ta very much.

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Just looked at the camera and interestingly, Barnes appear to have added a spotlight to the apparatus. You can see it sweeping around at the same time as the camera so it clearly is attached. It is quite bright and it strikes me that if mooring there you had better have quite thick curtains. The arc of the camera also seems slower so those properties lining the river to the bridge will also get their regular chance to see how well the light works!

You can see the light bloom on the image:



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23 minutes ago, SwanR said:

I noticed that last night as well David. I had also thought that might be intrusive.

Do I dare ask how it could just be visible to the camera Grendel?

*Hoping for totally non-technical explanation* :default_laugh:

Last paragraph before contents table. Or Night vision section.


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