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Hi everyone

I've found myself here from binge watching the Captain's Blogs trying to absorb as much info as possible and jogging my memory about the Broads.  As a child every year my parents would take myself and brother on Broads holidays.  Somewhere there's a pic of me at 9 months old sitting in the front of a bathtub. So now, very many years later myself and hubby have decided to start preparing for retitrement by buying a boat. We bought a Viking a few months ago and rapidly realised that although we loved it, it was a bit small so exchanging it for a much older bigger boat on Saturday. We are like kids again and its like Christmas. We cannot wait and this week has dragged!  I've read about Rascal's new purchase and completely understand his excitement.  We too will have lots to do and upgrade over time.  I'm sure I'll be posting for advice. 

Thank you for letting me join :)


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Hi Lulu - welcome.

More info please - boat name / type / pics for starters - It's compulsory you know! Oh and don't mention the term 'Bathtub' it has some weird effect on some folks and whatever you do, don't call GRP craft 'Tupperware' = same result.  I look after a bio degradable btw   :default_icon_rolleyes:


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Thank you David and oops sooooo sorry Griff. I didnt mean to offend anyone! Please accept my apologies everyone!  My father hired Caribbean''s (think thats what they were) when us kids were little. The last boats he hired were the Connoisseur's.  He's 84 now and is desperate to see our new acquisition. 

We are buying a Falcon 27. I'll try and post pics after we have taken delivery. Obviously its GRP so I wont mention the T word ;) 

Broad Ambition is stunning. We will definitely be looking out for her. 

Hi Daddy Mouse. going from a 20ft to 27ft is enough for us for the meantime ;)


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49 minutes ago, Lulu said:

That is so true! Everything we think we need to do or want to do seems to be going to cost us a grand each time! 

Hello Lulu,

Always check out camping/caravan suppliers to see if they have the same products, if they have they may be much cheaper. 

Brian Ward's one of our sponsors offers a 10% discount for our forum members, so worth getting in contact with them, Nick an Tanya will certainly give you good advice with regards to your boating items.



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Welcome to the forum Lulu. Griff is quite right you know about mentioning bathtubs...all the margarine tub and Tupperware owners feel left out...not to mention the galvy bucket brigade who prefer to go boating in Grendel's old shoes! :default_norty::default_gbxhmm:

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A warm Welcome from Kate and I

small word of caution , try and avoid being within 100 metres of any chandlers or they will draw you and your wallet through the doors and before you know it you will discover that they sell exactly what you didn’t know you needed !!!


(btw don’t forget to ask if they offer NBN discount, Brian Ward certainly does)

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20 hours ago, Lulu said:


We are buying a Falcon 27. I'll try and post pics after we have taken delivery. Obviously its GRP so I wont mention the T word ;) 

going from a 20ft to 27ft is enough for us for the meantime ;)

We had a Viking 20 (which we loved) but like you wanted more space and also bought a 27' to replace her.

In our case it was a Shetland 27i and the extra space makes a real difference........Enjoy your new boat :12_slight_smile:

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So we picked up our boat yesterday. It was a very long day and  utterly exhausted but very very happy. It was in better condition than we remembered and a lot of the things we thought we would need to do, we dont. All the lighting inside is LED, the carpets have come up a treat.  Future projects  but can wait,  are a new canopy and we would like to get the radar arch hinged so we can lower it.  Immediate things we need are more fenders and change all the ropes so they are the same colour. There is a random red one holding a fender which is really irritating me!  (my OCD kicking in here).  

We practiced stern mooring  (a private boat may have seen us from the distance messing this up a few times lol) . As I stepped off the back of the boat I skidded on the quay heading and crashed to my knees onto the bank (I nearly added myself to the 'what have you dropped in the Broads thread) 

After getting back to our mooring and putting stuff away, we ran out of light and energy after not eating all day and had to come home.  Roll on next weekend as well the clocks changing and the new season! 


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