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Griff - What A Time Of It I'm Having Lately


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Life is somewhat hectic

So, t'other weekend there 02 - 05th Nov the four owners of 'B.A' were in the wetshed dismantling our storage locker and replacing it with a smaller metal one, it took all weekend too along with doing the same with Robin and Trixie.  This was a somewhat short notice affair that we needed to comply with under Richo's instructions

Following weekend 10 - 13th saw me, MrsG, Purdey, Bro and his MrsG in a weekend retreat cottage in Northumberland - It was wonderful - until Monday morning.

We got a call from Germany, MrsG's brothers wife had rang to tell us that Shaun was in intensive care.  He had suffered a aortic dissection type A Sunday evening. Things were against him from the start.  He was blue lighted to their local hospital, upon arrival they requested the air ambulance to take him to a specialist hospital - The wx was too bad for the helo to fly so it was 1 1/2 Hours in an ambulance - this didn't help one bit.  During the operation to save his life they discovered that also one of his hearts chambers has not been functioning for years if at all!

A 12 x Hr operation, Twelve Hours!   he was now in an ICU in a medically induced coma.  Shaun's wife said there was no immediate need for MrsG to attend, she would get an update and more news later

We were now on our way home to Donny, swung off the A1 into Whitley Bay for some nosh in a dog friendly cafe.  On our way south went via the Tyne Tunnel, nowadays you just drive straight through and have to go on line to pay the toll (£2:20 I think) with 24 x Hrs or so

Arrived home then very late early Monday evening a call from Germany.  Shaun was haemorrhaging and the docs couldn't stop it. They requested his wife's attendance immediately (2 x Hr drive for her and their son) MrsG was now in full panic mode, the family swing into action - It was impressive and I was very proud of the lot of them.

Our daughter booked a flight from Manchester to Frankfurt Main, then realised there was an earlier flight whilst we were assisting with packing, sourcing euro's etc so I booked that one (In our confusion she had clicked on the wrong dam button) Our Son in law collected MrsG at 0215 and drove her to Manchester Airport.  I eventually got to sleep at 0400 Tuesday morning facing a normal full days work at a clients

MrsG made Frankfurt airport then Gros Zimmern (Where they live) along with Shaun's best mate just arrived in from Glasgow.  Then a two Hr drive to the hospital in Karlsruhe

Tuesday evening - Shaun is alive in a coma but on life support in ICU.  Blood transfusion due to the bleed they can't stop, Blood circulation machine, Lung machine, tracheotomy the list goes on and on.  They have not closed up his chest from the operation either.  He is now facing another operation to try and stop the bleeding.  They are worried he won't survive it, they are also mightily concerned that his brain and organs were starved of enough oxygen during the operation and their could be dire consequences

More To follow


P.S with all that lot going on, guess who forgot to pay the toll for the Tyne Tunnel - Yep me! so a minimum fine of £32 going up to £100. I will go through their appeal process but the car we were in is registered to MrsG's name so they won't deal with me - Yet!  Then just to top it off nicely the airline are refusing to refund the later flight we booked by mistake and didn't use - £250 lost there - However Daughter is on the case on this one

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I feel a need to explain my / our relationship with MrG's Bro Shaun.  He's not just 'The wife's Bro' 

To our family, he's a proper close family member and a really good mate too.  He just seems to get on with everyone, he is genuinely one of life's 'Nice Guys'  They have been onboard 'B.A' many times, we have visited them in Germany often too.  They came over to my daughters wedding earlier this year.  His Yorkshire family / friends love him to bits, he has a large following.  Its the same from his Scottish family / friends (He's originally from Gourock)

We really are in worrying times of late


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From one Yorkshire man to another ......keeping everything crossed for MrsGs Bro, Shaun to pull through. 

It always amazes me when family pull together and takes on roles / tasks to make sure everything possible gets done to achieve what's needed #impressive

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So sorry to hear how bad a time you are having - best wishes and prayers for a full recovery for your BIL

I'm also sure that if you explain the full story to Tyne Tunnel and the airline, that they will accept the matter on compassionate grounds. But in the scheme of things it is not the most important part

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So sorry to hear all this Griff. Sometimes life just works like that, all at once, sent to test us I think, as much as we’d rather it didn’t.
Sounds like you have a strong family that’ll pull through whatever comes together. Xx

And as Biker says, the tunnel and fare are a long way down the list, however annoying.  

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Heres Hoping that Shaun pulls through, these things are most worrying and theres not a lot that can be done but wait upon the outcome,

if its any consolation I had a work colleague who had a car accident on here way home, she was rushed to London and was in a medically induced coma for 3 months due to tearing one of her main blood vessels to the heart, and because she also broke her neck, when she was woken she took nearly 6 months to recover all her facilities, but 10 years on she is living a normal life again. they really can work miracles nowadays.

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Wednesday 15/11 – Day 3

Shaun is back in theatre, 4 x Hrs this time, to stop the bleed and close him up,  The surgeons are happy with how the procedure went.  He remains in the ICU on various life supports.  The Docs have had to forewarn the family he could be blind, unable to walk, unable to speak unable to hear etc etc if his brain was starved of oxygen.

MrsG has discussed this terrible worst case scenario with his wife and son.  Stating it was not her call but she would sooner they let him go then lock him into a future facing that lot.  They both agreed with her.  What a conversation to have and to put yersens through, can’t imagine owt worse

More news from the magicians (Docs) – The have turned down slightly the heart machine and reduced some of his medication.  His heart is working in a fashion


Thursday 16/11 – Day 4

Thursday Morning – More news from the hospital – overnight the heart machine has been reduced down further to 50%.  His heat is doing the other 50%  This is great news.  Shaun’s family support group will visit him again later today.

Thursday evening news after their visit – The transfusion going into him to make up for the blood loss has now ceased. The haemorrhaging has stopped.  He has a ventilator for his lungs, Food supply into a vein and his stomach an external pacemaker.  He feels warmer to the touch now, has some colour.  He ‘Seems’ to be reacting to audio voice sounds – This could just be wishful thinking and Docs are cautious about getting our hopes up


Friday 17/11 – Day 5

Morning news - The heart machine is now down to 25% capacity.  His support team are due another 4 x Hr drive round trip again today

Evening news – The heart machine has been turned off, Shaun’s heart is doing its thing.  Ventilator still connected, lungs now operating at 60% efficiency.  He is running a temperature due to an infection – they have put him on antibiotics, also water retention – Dialysis to sort that one out.  He remains in a coma.

Big plus – His organs appear to be operating


Saturday 18/11 – Day 6

Morning update from the magicians – Shaun is off the ventilator, (Has oxygen tube) lungs still not at full capacity yet though.  There are some other issues which is expected apparently, infection reducing, temperature coming back down

Evening update – Shaun is now marking time, that is no progress and no regression.  Its his lung function that is causing the concern, they don’t seem to be recovering as they should, this then is his next major battle but the Docs stated this can be normal in these circumstances.  They might have to turn him over which they most definitely do not want to do due to the trauma of the two operations.  He may have to go back on the ventilator.  On the upside they said the main blood vessel that feeds the brain was in good condition.  Dialysis worked, his infection has all but been cured


Sunday 19/11 – Day 7

The hospital stated they have been hampered by Shaun’s local hospital not forwarding on information that they have now just received – He’s previously had covid twice and an operation a couple of years ago to remove nasal polyps.  With this new information they can approach his lung issues from a different angle – Seems German efficiency is fallible after all then

Evening News – Shaun remains critical but stable


Monday 20/11 – Day 8

No visitors allowed today – Docs said his heart although working fine, the rhythm is off so they intend to fit an internal pacemaker and amend his tracheotomy.  Kidneys are working fine, they are impressed and surprised as to how well too

Evening News – Pacemaker op – postponed due to another emergency arriving.  Tracheotomy went very well, the are pleased.  Internal pacemaker due to be fitted tomorrow.  The Docs are now a lot more optimistic than they were a week ago.  No update on lung condition.  They have asked for his support team to stay at home again during Tuesday

More to follow


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