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Broad Ambition - Underway on the H2O

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Managed a few hours today with the top down. Was proper lucky and got a mooring on Horning green. Had a small DTS in the Swan. Sailed for here at Thurne Dyke rain started gently at 1630. We are eating in The Lion tonight, two groups of six. Sailing at 0600 in t morning for Stalham 


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Paladin, I respect your posts and marvel at your perfectly concise structure when you write.  For many years I have read things you have shared and admire how you can, through  wisdom and a true grasp

On hitting the grass, my first fooparr dawned on me I had my lightweight soft soled trainers on, should have been my boots.  I grabbed the headrope whilst MrsG took charge of the stern rope.  'B.A' wa

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12 minutes ago, JanetAnne said:

Is it not Purdey day tomorrow?

Ooh! Hope it is!

My recollection of bringing Seren home after we picked her up was her throwing up shortly before we got her home. Fortunately, she was none the worse for it and settled in really well. She hasn’t been car sick since either, thank goodness! Glad we’d bought puppy pads to spread over the car in preparation for the journey. 

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Oh drat, sounds like it is. I’m struggling to keep up with the latest, so if that’s the case my sympathies to Charlie. Once your puppy gets beyond that recommended weaning stage you want them home with you ASAP. 

Mind you, any Welsh lockdown should keep my father-in-law a bit safer in Anglesey. I’ve been worried about the virus having a second wave into areas that were previously less affected.

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9 hours ago, OldBerkshireBoy said:

Isn`t Wales in shut down?

Not yet, possibly from Monday. It’s very difficult to keep up with everything now, different measures wherever you look. :facepalm:

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7 minutes ago, BroadAmbition said:

One thing we do know is that me and my Lad cannot visit Wales. Therefore we will comply and not visit Wales.

We are still collecting Purdey though


Are they allowed out then, half way meeting perhaps?

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